Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sydnie Baby Announcement

I didn't want to post this when I first finished it, because I knew my cousin hadn't sent them out yet and wanted to give her time to send them before I stole all the thunder. I am still not sure if she mailed them out, but that's ok. I thought I'd post it anyways. What a cute little baby, huh!? I'm gonna have to start thinking more "girl oriented" since my next announcement will probably be for my littl girl. :)


Joe said...

Ooow loooookin soooo good!
Good work - as expected ;)

princess jen said...

I really like how these turned out. They look awesome! But, of course, it's because you do them!!

not about me said...

It did turn out really awesome and no I hadn't sent them out mostly I wanted it to send to her doctor and the nurses that helped and for our scrapbook.....I know I'm a slacker but you do such beautiful work I wanted Sydnie to have something special for her photo album!!!! Thanks again it was perfect and exactly what I wanted..