Thursday, August 16, 2007

Magazine Samples

Not only do I do ads, but occasionally I do an entire magazine. Oooohhhh. I help out with occasional Parade of Homes magazines, but also have the EO magazine that is all mine. This magazine goes out to all Executive Officers of Home Builders Associations across the U.S. I think this is a lot of fun too, but prefer ads since I can move around from project to project rather than being stuck on one for months on end and have ads to do on the side! Magazine design is fun because it's rewarding to see an entire project/magazine that was all your own handy work! So here are a few of the covers of those magazines as well as a few pages.

This cover was a lot of fun. We took the picture of this guy reading a paper, blurred him and then got rid of all the text on his paper. Then we had to add the texture of the paper back in and make our own paper to stick on top. It was so much fun! I think it turned out pretty cool and for all the work I put in, I'm quite pleased.

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