Thursday, August 16, 2007

Marketing Samples

I am a woman of many talents! ;-) I do ads, magazines, but am also technically on the marketing staff here at BuilderFusion, Inc. So I get to do all that fun stuff as well as any marketing that we do for Builderfusion. This is really fun. I get to be a little more creative on this stuff because I usually have more time and my boss has great ideas to help push me a little. Here are a few of the things I've done for our company.
For every area that we do a Parade magazine, we also do the ad sales. So I get to design a media kit for all the sales guys to send out. This is the template I designed and we just change the colors for every area.
This was a brochure I did for a marketing idea that my boss had. The top portion is the front of the tri-fold and the bottom is the inside.

This is one of many of our customer success stories that we do and put up on our web site to show potential companies how awesome we are!! ;-)
This is one of the newest ones. We are starting to do a media kit to send out to potential national sponsors. This is just one of the pages for this.
This was a "direct mail" piece sent via e-mail to let HBA members in the Tennessee area know that Craig (our President) was going to be in town.


Anonymous said...

Wow amazing! You're worth your weight in gold! If you ever need a job let me know!

Super Daysh said...

thanks sweetie...

princess jen said...

Wowzers!!! It all looks so fantastic. You are so truly amazing at what you do. You should take great pride in it all.

Toshander said...

you are so super uber talented. buggy is jealous. because she's not so talented at anything. you are amazing. :) your stuff looks awesome.