Wednesday, February 13, 2008

More Advertising/Promotional Samples

Here are a few more of the ads I did over the past few months (well, the ones I liked doing and turned out well...)

This was a marketing piece I made-probably one of my favorite projects because they told me I could do whatever style I wanted. Finally! Something I want to do! ;) It's actually a spread and the print size was 12x24. I even found the printer to print this and saved our company 5 THOUSAND bucks! No lie! Ya, they know they love me here. ;)

This was for a guy who had never advertised before so he didn't have any ugly ads to send me and say 'make it look like this'. I love those kinds of clients. :)

These guys were trying to back out of advertising the day of print(!), but our sales guy told me to go ahead and design it anyways and send it over to them to look at. Once they saw the ad, they were so happy with it and glad that they kept their ad in the magazine.


Mythreesons said...

dude, I just want those cool stairs! Those are awesome! Oh, and good work, cutie patootie...

princess jen said...

This all looks so good! You are incredibly amazing.

Anonymous said...

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