Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Cards

Here are a few of the Christmas Cards I did this winter. I love doing stuff like this, especially when other people do the hard work and I can use their stuff! Yipee!

This was a card I did for a neighbor. We were going to do it together (so I could show her how), but things got too crazy and busy, so I just put it together for her. What a cute family!
1st Card: Elements and paper from the blue card are from the Frosted Kit by Little Dreamer Designs.
2nd Card: Frame and ribbon are from the Whimsical Wonderland Kit by Ellie Lash (her portion). I made the green paper and then the tree overlay is from Jingle kit by vks(?)
3rd Card: The papers are from the Joy to the World Kit by Linda Cumberland. The trees were designed by Little Mrs. Liz. The stich is from the Tis the Season kit by Amanda Burns. I can't find where I got the frames from...but i didn't make them.


Mythreesons said...

I love these... I wish you had sent me the blue one. The one you did for the lady is cute, but yours are even cuter. Aren't you excited to teach a bunch of untech savvy ladies how to do this?!

princess jen said...

I got the blue one!