Tuesday, May 10, 2011

On Display

I do freelance work for various individuals, but among them is the Home Machine Quilting Show. I put together their ads and other various things. This year they decided to do a billboard, and I got to put it together. It was really exciting to know that something I made would be up and on display on such a large scale! I know it's nothing incredibly fancy- but keep in mind it's a billboard- you have about 5 seconds to catch someone's attention. I am pretty pleased with it and am just excited that thousands of people could see it. So cool!

Although I wasn't able to go up and take pictures- here it is! On the 500 South on ramp in SL!


Mythreesons said...

So cool! I love that it's in "big." I think that's pretty darn awesome, Daysh!

C Johnson said...

Yeah, Dacia! I think you name should have been on the design somewhere, though.

princess jen said...

Looks so good!! You are awesome!